Waste Collection Sunderland – Managing your commercial/business waste properly!

Most businesses in Sunderland are going to produce some sort of waste regardless of what sector you’re in. Whether you’re a huge food chain or a small single office, waste collection is an important process that needs to be managed well. Commercial waste is something a lot of business owners don’t think about, especially if they’ve started in serviced offices as it isn’t their problem to organise waste management and waste collection. This bubble bursts when they own their own commercial premises, as the proper waste collection will have to be arranged. Waste collection is an important process that needs to be arranged & managed in order to maintain a well-functioning business. If you work or own a business in Sunderland and already know what they need in terms of waste management, waste disposal & waste collection then take a look at our page to contact our team today – Waste Collection Sunderland or call us on 01670 827 820.

Waste Collection Sunderland

Waste Collection Sunderland

Waste collection is a difficult process to manage on your own, as it’s hard to figure out where you’re allowed to dispose of commercial waste. Public tips & waste centres won’t allow commercial waste, and you can be fined heavily if you’re found to be disposing of commercial waste at a domestic tip. You then have to consider the logistics of waste disposal like vehicle hire, the collection of the commercial waste as well as the site of disposal. Unless you have multiple vans at hand, then disposing your commercial waste on a weekly basis in incredibly inefficient. Your average business owner in Sunderland isn’t going to have the time or resources to regularly dispose of waste themselves.


Efficient waste collection solutions you can rely on

The easiest solution for any business would be a service from Remondis JBT as we have the logistical means to deliver an efficient waste collection service that your business can rely on! It’s paramount that you make sure your waste is being disposed of properly as you are liable for where that waste ends up. If you try skimping on your waste collection, you could end up employing a dodgy provider that operates through illegal methods like fly tipping. You may be tempted by these cheap services that have undercut main waste disposal providers, however, this may be a huge mistake. Services like this are infamous for landing a business owner in hot water as they’ll tend to dispose of the waste by fly tipping. You may think that the provider will get in trouble for this, however, this can still leave your business liable for the waste when it’s found by somebody who will report it to the council.


Honesty & transparency from a reputable provider

By hiring a professional waste collection provider, you’re ensuring that you’re dealing with what you’re paying for. Transparency is key to our service, making sure you’re informed of everything we do! Hiring a professional waste company also ensures that you’re not going to end up in trouble with authorities which could leave you with huge losses as environmental fines can be thousands of pounds. There have been multiple cases of this happening, even in Sunderland as companies that claim to be a professional outfit will end up disposing of waste in rural areas.

From collection to disposal, our service is straightforward & easy to understand. We don’t cut corners when it comes to our waste collection, making sure you’re getting value for your money. Our processes have been refined with decades of experience behind us, making us one of the leading waste disposal and waste collection providers in Sunderland.


Flexibility to meet the needs of a changing business

Finding a waste collection service that is up to the task of handling your growing business’ recycling needs can be tough. At Remondis, we have worked with many clients to devise suitable and flexible waste collection solutions. From single site businesses to large multi-site organisations, we can deliver reliable services that meet your exact requirements. If your needs change, we can easily adapt and ensure that the solution covers everything you need. Our efficient service is designed around you. So, you can rest assured that with Remondis you will get a service that is unique to your needs. Call us now for a conversation about your business waste collection requirements on 01670 827 820.

A few things to consider when hiring a commercial waste collection service:

  • The type of waste your business generates
  • Your business location and accessibility
  • Time and frequency of collection
  • Cost and value for money
  • Past and existing customer reviews

At Remondis, we will make a thorough assessment of your waste collection needs, taking the time to understand your business to ensure our service is one that suits you. You will never receive a generic service that is overpriced and does not fit with what you require. With Remondis, our service is flexible to your business demands.


Environmental Focus

Recycling is at the heart of what we do

Waste Collection In Sunderland

Waste Collection Sunderland

We make sure to prioritise our recycling processes to make sure we can reduce the amount of waste we’re sending to landfill. By making sure we recycle up to 99% of our waste, we can reduce carbon footprints of the businesses we work with. Sending constant waste to landfill harms our environment, so we’re sure to recycle your waste if & when it can be done.

Environmental responsibility is a key consideration for any business. Increasing scrutiny has been placed on the UK commercial sector for the environmental impact of their operations and work practices. Legislation such as the Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 sets out requirements with regard to the processing and management of waste. These affect a wide variety of commercial applications and must, therefore, be taken into consideration when determining an environmental policy and effective waste solutions for your business or organisation.

The UK government has set ambitious targets for the nation’s recycling efforts in line with EU directives. It is partly up to businesses to help to meet these targets, increasing our levels of recycling and reducing our amount of waste ending up in landfill sites, to help protect our planet and meet our joint obligations. We can help achieve this, thanks to our expert recycling services.

Businesses who fall short of their legal obligations when it comes to waste management may face severe penalties for the failure to meet the required standards. The duty of care for the correct disposal of the waste lies with the source of the waste. That is the person or business who generated the waste. You are responsible for ensuring that your waste collection provider has all the required accreditations and licences. If your waste is improperly disposed of, for example, if it is fly-tipped, you could potentially face unlimited fines and up to five years imprisonment. Local authorities are increasingly committed to cracking down on such waste crime. It is, therefore, extremely important to ensure your business complies with the law. If you are uncertain whether your business is legally compliant in your waste management practices, contact us for further advice on 01670 827 820.


We take health and safety seriously

At Remondis JBT, our mindset is that health and safety always come first, as we want to treat your workplace with the utmost respect. Our waste collection teams make sure that all actions are done with efficiency & care, providing a truly tailored service. If you are thinking about enquiring about professional waste collection then Remondis JBT are your best bet. Speak with one of our advisors and they can advise you on a proper waste management plan that will help aid the overall operation of your business. Visit our page for Waste Collection Sunderland or call our team on 01670 827 820.


About us

Remondis is a licensed waste carrier, supporting businesses and organisations all over Sunderland in responsibly and effectively managing their waste. Some of our other services available in Sunderland include commercial waste management, skip hire and road sweeping. To learn more, or to contact us for a detailed quote, email us at info@remondis.co.uk or call us on 01670 827 820. For a great service that you can rely on, choose Remondis.


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