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Waste management is incredibly important for any small, medium or large business since every business is going to have waste they need to get rid of. Waste is always a by-product of the processes we do every day, from cooking food in a restaurant to waste rubble from construction. Waste management is something a lot of businesses don’t think about as they are using a small scale disposal service, however when business starts to ramp up, a more efficient & thought out waste management service is essential. Remondis JBT specialises in waste management for businesses in Sunderland. Regardless of your needs, Remondis JBT can schedule and collect your business waste. As a company that is heavily involved with waste management and waste disposal, Remondis JBT works to deliver leading services that are matched by no one. For more information please call our team on – 01670 827 820 or visit our website – Waste Management Sunderland

Waste Management In Sunderland

Waste Management Sunderland

Waste Management Sunderland


Sunderland’s thriving business economy and new waste challenges

Sunderland is a thriving city with thousands of businesses. After shipbuilding and mining trade faded out throughout the city, derelict sites were left to stagnate, with no use for such vast industrial districts. In the 21st century, those sites have been re-developed making new room for progressive trades like the automotive industry with Nissan remaining the largest employer in the region, with the factory now producing over 500,000 cars annually. Local business estates like the Doxford International Business Park have also become hubs for businesses which has helped to stimulate the economy in Sunderland.

It’s this growth of developing industries that have brought new challenges for waste management needs. Business still has to store, dispose of and recycle their waste safely and responsibly regardless of what trade they are in. Waste management in Sunderland came under scrutiny when the old Ryhope Landfill became a hazard due to the waste polluting groundwater. In May of 2016, a new local development plan pushed the need for the businesses in Sunderland to meet national guidelines for waste disposal and recycling. This is where we come in as we’re able to manage your waste disposal for you, giving you less work for something that could land you in heavy fines! For example, fly-tipping in the UK is a criminal offence, punishable by up to £50,000 fines or 12 months imprisonment by the Magistrates’ Court; or an unlimited fine and up to five years imprisonment by the Crown Court.

Business waste is any waste that is produced from premises that are used predominantly for trade, business or recreation. Household waste is not included. The Controlled Waste Regulations 2012 define types of commercial or industrial waste. According to the regulations, sources of industrial or commercial waste include:

  • Waste from a ‘domestic property used in the course of business for the provision of self-catering accommodation’
  • Premises occupied by a charity that is ‘wholly or mainly’ used for charitable purposes
  • Club, society or any ‘association of persons’ where activities are conducted for the benefit of members
  • Hotels
  • Markets
  • GP practices
  • Workshops that do not fall under the definition of ‘a factory’
  • Laboratories
  • Premises used to hold animals
  • And more

Read the regulations to see if your business or organisation falls under the definition of commercial or industrial waste. The government has produced some helpful information on the disposal of business or commercial waste, which you can read here.

Remondis is a licensed waste carrier in Sunderland. You can view our Environment Agency registration certificate here.


Responsible Waste Management In Sunderland – Pollution

At Remondis JBT, we are obligated to taking care of the environment we live in as it’s a strong cornerstone of what we do as a waste management provider. We can’t just turn a blind eye to the pollution we are creating as it’s destroying the land that we cherish. This is why we strive to deliver responsible waste management in Sunderland as we want to help improve the way that Sunderland’s manages their waste. We’ve been serving commercial clients for decades, making sure that 99% of the waste that we collect is recycled rather than being pushed to landfill. Waste management is always a long process to organise which is why a provider like Remondis JBT offer a tailored service to make sure your requirements are catered for, regardless of the scale of your business.


Ethical practices and good business image

By choosing an eco-friendly waste management provider, you can be assured that the waste you’re disposing of is going to be recycled. By working with JBT Waste/Remondis, you will also be doing your part in the fight against the wave of pollution that is ruining our environment. It’s evident that a business whether big or small will create more waste, so it’s paramount that you find the right provider for your waste disposal solution.

You’re also conveying a much more positive public image when you’re using an environmentally focused waste company like Remondis JBT since it shows that you are doing your part to reduce your overall carbon footprint. By opting for a provider that actively recycles up to 99.99% of their waste, you’re sending a message to your customers that you do care and are seeking ways of reducing the impact your business has on the environment.

It’s important that a business owner in Sunderland considers the waste management and waste disposal of their business carefully since there are tight regulations set out by local councils. Businesses in Sunderland are now under scrutiny when it comes to how they are managing their waste which pushes the emphasis on practical waste management. The team at Remondis JBT can make sure your business is compliant with the latest laws and regulations, so you don’t face fines for breaking the law.


Tailored to your business requirements

Our waste management teams help you to review your requirements so we can help devise the most efficient waste management methods, making sure you’re given a tailored service that is still cost-effective. Paired with top value for money, you can increase the amount of waste you are recycling and reduce your carbon footprint while saving money with Remondis JBT.


The UK waste problem

The UK produces over 100 million tonnes of waste every year. That’s 273,972 tonnes a day! A huge portion of this is household waste, however, there is just as much commercial trade waste to get rid of on a much more regular basis. Waste management is essential for business if they want to operate effectively & efficiently. Waste management is a huge logistical equation that can be incredibly hard to manage which is why we take the stress out of the situation. From collection, transportation, recycling & disposal, Remondis JBT takes care of every step of the process.


The dangers of improperly managed waste

In recent years, Sunderland has been the setting of several high profile waste fires, one of which burned for 25 days before finally being put out. Waste that is left to pile up or is improperly dealt with can pose a serious risk to health and safety. At Remondis, we take responsibility to safely disposing of waste, adhering to strict health and safety standards to ensure such devastating damage does not occur.


Setting up your waste management service – call or email today

Taking control of your waste management is as simple as emailing or calling us. Our teams can help you to arrange the best waste management service for your business, tailoring to your specific needs. We understand that a business can’t dedicate lots of time and energy towards managing their waste, which is why we design a service that’s easy to use and hassle-free. You arrange a time for us to pick up the waste, and we collect it. It’s as simple as that! We manage your needs from the start of service to make sure that we’re providing what you need.

The team at Remondis JBT know that businesses want an easy service when they’re looking for waste management which is why we make sure you don’t have to waste your time answering questions and surveys from us that just aren’t relevant! Looking for a waste management service? You’ve got it! We’re also able to manage multi-site businesses for you, so for chain restaurants and other multi-site companies, we’re able to provide a service that’s just right. So whether you’ve got 12 businesses in Newcastle or 3 businesses in Sunderland, we have a service to help you!


Waste Management Service In Sunderland

Remondis JBT offers commercial waste services for businesses throughout Sunderland. We’re able to provide a dynamic and comprehensive waste management service so that we can help you fulfil your needs. We take the time to process all waste and recycle up to 99% of the waste we collect. This reduces landfill waste and is a huge step in protecting the environment we live in. Whether you’re a business in the ports or a restaurant serving the local Sunderland football fans, we’re able to produce a complete waste management service for you. We also take measures to reduce the overall cost of our services, passing these savings onto you, our customer. This helps to create a much more cost-effective service meaning you aren’t being charged more for using an environmentally friendly waste management provider.

At JBT Waste/Remondis, we take health and safety seriously making sure that your workplace is treated with the highest respect. All of our staff are trained to a top standard making sure they are capable of providing nothing but the best service. We make sure your waste is taken care off in the best possible manner. Our service is held up by our cornerstone which is our determination to provide a premium service to our loyal customers. If you are considering a new waste management approach for your current business then approach JBT Waste with your current plan and our team can advise you on how to improve it. Visit our page on Waste Management Sunderland or call our team on 01670 827 820.


We also offer other services across Sunderland including skip hire, road sweeping and aggregate processing. Visit our pages to learn more.


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